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To wake up each day and do what I love is like a dream come true. I could never have painted this picture in a mil...
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Jamil Abiad, a professional global basketball instructor and trainer, and social media figurehead continues to provide premier basketball training to athletes all over Canada and other parts of the...

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Jamil Abiad is a professional basketball trainer who hopes to use his influence and love of the game to continue to grow basketball in Canada. He's helped players get to the collegiate levels and even professionally overseas. I had the opportunity to sit down with Abiad...



Stefán Árni Pálsson, the host of the show, said that Kristinn Pálsson has been in a lot of shooting training for the last few months under the guidance of Jamil Abiad, where the main focus has been shooting when the shot clock is running out.


SHIFTER Magazine

Jamil Abiad takes on new coaching role in Iceland.

Long-time Ottawa-based basketball coach and trainer, Jamil Abiad, recently took to social media to announce the next phase in his career.



"I am incredibly happy and proud of the boys. They have worked hard all winter and are reaping the rewards accordingly. This has nothing to do with me or Finn, but with these guys on the field."

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"Clean Slate" by CBC & Desjardins

EP2: What can basketball teach you about business?

Coach and community mentor, Jamil Abiad shares the lessons he learned about managing money from sports.


Jamil áfram hjá Val

League and cup champions Vals have extended their contract with coach Jamil Abiad for the upcoming season.



A global basketball trainer and public speaker, Abiad has devoted his life developing the next generation of Canadian ballers. After a brief pro career, he began cutting his coaching teeth operating training programs around his Ottawa.


Complex Canada

 Basketball trainer Jamil Abiad is impressed by where his hometown of Ottawa has come since he was learning the game. “Its’s unreal. I wish I was growing up right now; let’s just say that.



Following a two-year professional basketball career in Lebanon and five collegiate seasons with the Bishop University Gaitors, Abiad dedicated...



It is our job as coaches & mentors to educate the next generation..


Fabworld Today

The sport of basketball has gained immense popularity in Canada in the last few years. With the Toronto Raptors coming off an NBA Championship last sea...

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Ottawa Faces Award

Beyond grateful to have been nominated and selected for two awards this year ( 2021 ) by Faces Magazine for their "Ottawa Awards". 

-Ottawa Based Influencer
- Youth Sports Programs


London Daily Post

Adversity is something that every athlete must go through to some degree. When you’re in any kind of competitive setting, there will be those who doubt you and compare you to others,


International Business Times

is a serial entrepreneur but most notably known as a professional global basketball trainer. Abiad is based in Ottawa, Canada, and is currently working on building his basketball empire for athletes of all ages. Adversity is something that every athlete must go through to some degree. When you’re in any kind of competitive setting, there will be those who doubt you and compare you to others,


American Reporter

Jamil Abiad is an ex-professional basketball player who, after a successful career both in Canada and overseas, is now focused on helping others reach their goals as an athlete. On this front, Jamil does more than just train young athl...



Serial entrepreneur Jamil Abiad is continuing to make waves in the booming Canadian basketball scene with a wide array of different programs. He has an impressive portfolio of ex-students under his belt.....


The Daily Scanner

Jamil Abiad is a serial entrepreneur with many programs on the go. He is a global basketball trainer and coach who has played both at the college and professional level. During his time overseas, he started his first business.....


Sunrise News

Veteran global basketball instructor Jamil Abiad couldn’t be more pleased with this news, and he’s more than ready to help train and mentor the next generation of Canadian players. By the time the Raptors won their first championship, Jamil Abiad...


Ottawa Citizen

I’m trying to help kids with their skills, help them reach their hopes and dreams,” says Abiad, a former Bishop’s University basketball star who went on to play professionally in Europe.


Ottawa Sun

Jamil Abiad hopes the young athletes who signed up for his Summer Grind basketball camp can perfect their jump shots, get in shape and safely socialize after a summer cooped up because of the pandemic....


Thrive Global

When Jamil Abiad talks to his students, he wants to make sure they understand that playing a good ball isn’t always enough. When you want to reach your full potential....


Disrupt Magazine

Jamil Abiad got his start as a Canadian basketball player. Today, he’s a Professional Basketball Trainer, coach, mentor, motivational speaker, and influencer with Under Armour Canada. His list of accomplishments is just as long.

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Faces Magazine

After playing my last season I decided it was time to put up the sneakers and help someone else reach their dreams...


Sports Management Hub

Playing overseas was an amazing experience and more so an eye-opener. It showed me the game of basketball in a different light and a different style. Not only, by the way, it was played but also by the way it was taught...


Ottawa Neighbours

Being involved in the community is something I always try to do. I have been fortunate enough to be part of the...


Wilson Basketball

This was the start of my business. Being an entrepreneur is never easy. It takes determination & perseverance. It was all brand new for me. I was an athlete my whole life...

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CTV News Morning Live

Social media today is bigger than ever and to be able to use it as a tool especially for exposure...



Through my experience as a basketball player and trainer, I have developed my own coaching methods that are....

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Dynes Sports Podcast

Growing up as a kid I played many sports, it's not until the age of 12 where things...


Capital Courts Inc Podcast

My journey is pretty unique in terms of how I got to the next levels and what I had to do along the way...


1310 News Live Radio

COVID-19 has been a struggle for everyone and trying to stay busy has been something I have tried to do. I decided to start an IGTV Series called....

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Sport Chat Podcast

The lack of facilities that these young athletes have access to is hindering their abilities...

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In this episode, I chat with professional basketball instructor and trainer, media production business owner, and social media figurehead Jamil Abiad. Jamil is a four-time city all-star, RSEQ silver medalist, RSEQ Champion, 6th place national finisher, and former prof...

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Jamil Abiad. Global trainer and basketball coach. His work ethic is outstanding. A mentor to all aspiring coaches and trainers. He has built his programs from the ground up, giving all basketball players the opportunity to fulfill their dreams by making...

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